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It's Only Ink! SAT tutoring

It's Only Ink!
SAT tutoring

There is a time when all college bound students need help on studying for the SATs. Noticing this growing need, Renee Mazer, a Mensa member and SAT tutor for the past 15 years, decided to come up with a "teaching tool." "Not Too Scary Vocabulary!" is being described as "vocabulary power," "sidesplitting", and "high fun".
"Not Too Scary Vocabulary!" comes with 7 CDs (9-hour playtime) and a 36-page booklet, which includes all words covered on the CDs and a quiz for when finished. Each of the CDs includes poems, songs, word descriptions, sentences and proper usage techniques of over 500 words.
"Not Too Scary Vocabulary!" was put together with the hopes of helping students and adults improve their writing ability, enhance job skills, maximize reading comprehension and boost school performance.
When listening to some of Renee Mazer's sentences, poems, and/or songs showing proper usage of particular words, I had to remind myself that this CD set is not for elementary or middle school-aged children--but for high schoolers, college students and adults.
As a mother of a 10th grader (come this fall), I was surprised at Mazer's use of definitions and examples. "Private parts" and "first-base" were examples used for the word "abash" and "getting some" in reference to President Clinton and Monica Lewinsky's newsworthy experience was used for the word "censure". However, she does use wording, topics, and themes that high school and college students often joke or talk about.
If you have or choose to get a copy of Renee Mazer's "Not Too Scary Vocabulary!"--this reviewer asks that you keep an open mind, and remember, Mazer's work has been high praised on CNN and ABC Action News and has been proven to work. My feeling is that she must be doing something right!

Not Too Scary Vocabulary 2nd Edition by Renee Mazer
Publisher: High Score
ISBN: 0-9664845-2-5
Price: $49.95
Reviewer: Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland who writes children's picture books, young adult novels, and paranormal fiction. Visit her online at:

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