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It's Only Ink! Around the World

It's Only Ink!
Around the World

"Up, Up and Away: A Round-the-World Puzzle Adventure" takes place through the eyes of Mrs. Green and Mr. Smith's geography competition winners: Sam, Dean, Kate, Justin, Lino, & Yoko. Their prize is a hot air balloon ride around the world--not knowing where they are until they land. Their first stop...Titikaka in Bolivia in S. America. Mr. Smith has lost Mrs. Green and the students and he needs your help to find them. It's not as easy as it looks!
The illustration is a two-page fold in brilliant colors with vivid picture facts about the highest lake in the world. Readers will have fun seeking and finding all the children among local villages, animals and plants.
The entire book goes on this way traveling country to country--to a shopping mall in the United States, a fair in Quebec, a gallery in England, the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark, Roman ruins in Italy, a busy Paris street, the pyramids of Egypt, a bustling market in Beijing, the waters of Bangkok, Thailand, a film set in India, and an Australian beach.
In the back of the book the author goes into more detail about each of the spots the class had visited and even gives a "solution" page that shows the reader where all the children are hiding in the book.
"Up, Up and Away: A Round-the-World Puzzle Adventure" is a fantastic book! It would work well at home and at school. It comes highly recommended.

(BOLD TITLE)Up, Up and Away: A Round-the-World Puzzle Adventure by Scot Ritchie
Published by: Maple Tree Press,
Released: 2006
ISBN: 1-897066-60-0
Price: $6.95
Reviewed by: Jennifer LB Leese

Jennifer LB Leese is a writer from Maryland who writes children's picture books, young adult novels, and paranormal fiction. Visit her online at:

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