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TV Talk: "Lost"

TV Talk

What is Lost?
Lost TV Show is one of the most successful TV series for the moment, created for ABC from J.J. Abrams, the creator of Alias, and Damon Lindelof. It is an action-packed adventure/drama that brings out the very best and the very worst in the people who are lost. The series airs Wednesday nights at 9:00PM Eastern/Pacific and 8:00PM Central and premiered 22 September 2004. Another air flight from Sydney to U.S.A. begins. But it is not that simple. Unfortunately a crash happens. The plane falls in a mysterious island. 48 of the passengers are alive. 48 souls, completely frightened, try find the courage to face their fate. This is how the story begins.

Fate was the reason for Evangeline Lilly find Lost.
Evangeline Lilly was working as an actress for TV commercials and that gave her good money. But she wasn't satisfied. She believed modeling and acting in commercials was something like meat market. Then she got a job as a movie extra. "Being an extra, ironically, turned out to be something I loved," she says with a laugh. "I could go in when I wanted. Do my homework. Read books. Eat their food. Rest. That was my job and I got paid for it," said Evangeline Lilly. This job was suitable and fitted perfectly with her studies.

Josh Holloway and family were robbed
Unfortunately Josh Holloway, the handsome bad guy of Lost TV series, was robbed at gunpoint! That happened in Honolulu where Lost is filmed. The Police of Honolulu announced that Josh Holloway and his wife were awakened at 4:10AM local time by a man holding a handgun.

Josh Holloway talks about women
Lost star Josh Holloway considered dumping his faithful fiance in favor of a playboy lifestyle when he found fame. Josh, who plays Sawyer in drama hit Lost, began to describe his fantasies about becoming a new Hugh Hefner as his hunky physique attracted the attention of women the world over.

Honors for Jorge Garcia and Michelle Rodriguez
The 2006 ALMA Awards celebrated positive portrayals and outstanding achievements by Hispanic artists from the worlds of music, television and film. The stars of Lost had a honorable place in these awards.

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