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Movies for the Great Indoors

Movies for the Great Indoors

(ARA)- As the seasons change, so do movie viewing habits--from movie theaters to home theaters. According to a recent Associated Press-America Online poll, 73 percent of adults said they prefer watching movies at home rather than in theaters. With such a high percentage of moviegoers opting for the home cinema experience, consumers are constantly looking for vivid movies to watch in the great indoors. Movie fans can now expand their collection beyond this year's new releases. In fact, The Film Foundation and Philips Electronics have published Martin Scorsese's list of top 10 classic films chosen for their masterful use of light and color.
Scorsese's selections include (in alphabetical order):
* "Barry Lyndon" (1975, Dir. Stanley Kubrick)
* "Duel in the Sun" (1946, Dir. King Vidor)
* "Invaders From Mars" (1953, Dir. William Cameron Menzies)
* "Leave Her to Heaven" (1946, Dir. John M. Stahl)
* "Moby Dick" (1956, Dir. John Huston)
* "Phantom of the Opera" (1943, Dir. Arthur Lubin)
* "Singin' in the Rain" (1952, Dir. Stanley Donen)
* "The Red Shoes" (1948, Dir. Michael Powell)
* "The Searchers" (1956, Dir. John Ford)
* "Vertigo" (1958, Dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
Consumers who want to intensify the experience of watching these DVDs at home can create a unique home theater environment with Philips' Ambilight FlatTV display, which maximizes the movie's color and light to create an immersive atmosphere. The TV emits colored or white ambient light along the sides of the FlatTV display, matching the dominant colors displayed on the screen. The ambient lighting effect creates a "surround sight" appearance, giving a deeper on-screen view and drawing the viewer into the emotional aura of the movie.
Widening the viewing area, the Ambilight feature provides consumers with a visual impression of a larger image and reinforces the picture on the screen, creating an environment where the images are more alive, more immediate and more realistic. Available in LCD and Plasma, Philips' Ambilight FlatTV displays range from 42- to 50-inches. To learn more about television technology and Ambilight technology, visit:

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