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A Tool that Makes Clearing Away Snow in the Wintertime Fun

A Tool that Makes Clearing Away Snow in the Wintertime Fun

(ARA)- When the snow starts falling in Detroit, Mich., Steve Lyles will be ready. "I have to be," he says. Lyles is general manager of Mid-West Truck Accessories, a company that does a large part of its business during the winter months; and also deals with a lot of snow.
Every time there's a storm, it is Lyles' responsibility to clear the parking lot so his customers can get to the store. According to the National Weather Service, 63.7 inches of snow fell in Detroit during the 2004--2005 winter season, making it the seventh snowiest winter in 125 years. "I must have plowed two dozen times last year," he says.
In past years, Lyles had either hired a service to plow the parking lot a few times a day, or sent someone out with a huge snowplow to do the work; but now he does it himself and smiles about it. "A few years back I decided to try out one of the new products we were selling--the SnowSport Utility Plow--and had so much fun using it, I bought one for myself," he says.
In addition to using the plow to clear the parking lot at work, Lyles uses it to clear his driveway, his neighbors' driveways, and "When I have to go somewhere, like say my accountant's office, if it needs to get done, I'll plow his parking lot too," he says. "The plow is so fun to use I can't resist."
Unlike commercial plows, which use hydraulic systems that require the user to flip levers and manipulate controls, with the SnowSport, all you have to do is drive, which Lyles says he appreciates. "It's so easy to use my wife and daughter can operate it too," he says.
The blade is guided by a push frame that allows it to slide up and down with the grade of the terrain. The thick rubber cutting edge moves snow but flexes over stationary objects.
"The SnowSport is extremely versatile and fun to use," says Joy Hanson of Agri-Cover Inc., the plow's manufacturer. "It's designed for people who are tired of having to get out there with a shovel or snow blower every time it snows because they need to clear anything ranging from small to large size parking lots, to farms and personal driveways. Wouldn't you rather sit in the comfort of your vehicle and let the plow do the work?"
The SnowSport Utility Plow can be used on most full and mid-size trucks, SUVs and vans. Four wheel drive is recommended but not required. "This is a great tool for people who thought they'd never be able to use a plow because their vehicle wouldn't be able to handle it. The SnowSport is so light weight and easy to maneuver, dealing with snow never has to be a chore again." says Hanson.
The low profile design of the SnowSport Utility Plow allows use of your vehicle's headlights while transporting or plowing. For more information about the SnowSport Utility Plow, or to find the dealer near you, call (800) 233-4655 or log on to

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