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High Tech Holiday Gift Ideas: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Designed for Every Family Member

High Tech Holiday Gift Ideas: The Perfect Stocking Stuffer Designed for Every Family Member

(ARA)- Looking for the perfect holiday stocking stuffer? How about something every member of your family can enjoy? Simple, a personalized USB 2.0 flash drive--the latest must-have portable memory storage accessory for today's technology-driven family member.
This portable gadget allows you to transfer large amounts of data quickly and easily from one computer to another. USB flash drives connect to almost any desktop, notebook or mobile PC/MAC, making it easy to copy files, music and images/photographs onto a USB Flash drive and take it wherever you need to go.
About the size of a pack of gum, the popularity of the USB flash drive continues to flourish as storage sizes increase and price ranges decrease. Place it in your briefcase, wear it on your keychain or toss it in your backpack for ultimate mobility.
Here are a few examples of how USB flash drives are designed for every member of your family:
Mom, On-The-Go
Mom drives the kids to school, to soccer practice and rehearsal for the holiday play--all while capturing every moment of her family's life on a compact digital camera. Rather than leaving the images on the camera or a desktop, she can download them onto PNY Technologies' Attach 2.0 USB flash drive and carry them with her to share with friends and family. The drive is ideal for moms who want to print the pictures quickly for a scrap book or to use as her digital "brag book."
Dad, The Tech-Savvy Executive
You're never quite sure which city he's in or exactly what time his meeting was scheduled, but wherever he is--you know he's buried in his laptop. For the business professional dad, a USB flash drive provides him with the freedom to work on documents at home or on the plane; carry presentations to the client's office; or store images, photos and art files to take to a professional printer. Some USB drives even offer data encryption technology to safeguard private information, such as financial or medical records. PNY's Executive Attach was designed with the business professional in mind; the drive is an attractive, compact, removable storage device and stylish ballpoint pen in one.
The College Student
Equip your college student with PNY's Collegiate Attach USB 2.0 Flash Drive. Custom printed with college and university logos, the drives promote academic pride and help students stay organized. The drives are ideal for students with a strict college budget, since they can be used and reused throughout their academic career. Taking the place of stacks of floppy disks, the portable device can store term papers, music, or the teen's favorite college football team's stats.
The Free Spirit
All-Terrain Attach 2.0 by PNY Technologies was designed for the adventurous type who enjoys an active lifestyle. They can take the shock, dust and UV resistant drive wherever they decide to go with confidence. The durable drive is water resistant and features a rubberized grip providing users with the freedom to access music and more from wherever life takes them.
A 256MB USB flash drive is ideal for most users. It can hold up to 178 floppy disks, 197 images or 73 songs and is about $35. Ideal for work or play, USB flash drives are designed to fit every lifestyle.
For more information regarding USB 2.0 flash drives and to choose the perfect, holiday stocking stuffer, visit PNY Technologies at

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