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Intelligent Appliances Coming Soon to a Home Near You

Intelligent Appliances Coming Soon to a Home Near You

(ARA)- Twenty years ago, the idea of a world where machines did most of the work, leaving you with more leisure time, was an extraordinary concept. Technology that cut down so much work that we'd actually have time on our hands was an idea meant solely for the Jetsons. Back then, homeowners may have considered dishwashers and lawn mowers as technologically advanced as they could ever get.
The future is now. Today intelligent products for the home are emerging everywhere, turning the world into a place where George Jetson himself would feel right at home. From faucets to fridges, to home heating and cooling systems, intelligent products are rapidly infiltrating the market. You can find a whole new line of home appliances that may have a higher IQ than you do!
What's Cooking in Kitchen Appliances:
Internet, telephone and cellular phones are not solely used for communication anymore; they are the key components in controlling the innovative and technologically advanced products on the market today. Homeowners will find a new line of ovens, which can be controlled remotely through cell phones, Internet and telephones all over the world. This time-saving feature allows you the freedom and luxury of effortless, remote cooking.
Manufacturers are also producing new "smart" refrigerators with sensors that enable the appliance to determine the time of day when it's most likely to be opened, such as around dinner time. This results in food staying fresher longer, since the refrigerator will train itself not to start the defrost cycle during the time of day when it's least likely to be opened--a feature even Jane Jetson would admire.
Cost Saving Convenience:
Walking into a freezing house in the fall or winter is dreadful, but with today's oil prices, energy efficiency and cost savings are especially top-of-mind. Imagine customizing the temperature for every room in your house from your cell phone. A new feature on the Infinity System from Carrier enables you to access system status, change settings, change vacation schedules, and more, even when you are at work or on vacation. "This is a new level of innovation, intelligence and functionality for your home's heating and cooling system. Homeowners can save costs on their energy bill and still come home to a comfortable indoor environment," said Mike Branson of Carrier.
The Remote Access Kit on the Infinity System automatically contacts the dealer when service is required, permits remote troubleshooting, and gives you remote control of the system via the Internet or a telephone. According to Branson, this new system is designed with convenience in mind. "This is the technology age. Consumers look for products that are user-friendly and allow for convenience. At Carrier, we are all about offering solutions."
Even plumbing appliances are offering clever convenience. Standard bathroom and kitchen faucets are being converted into electronic fixtures. These products allow the water to turn on and off by using an infrared sensor to detect movement under the faucet. This results in the prevention of spreading germs and bacteria. The products also feature controlled temperature and flow, allowing them to conserve water by not letting the faucet run unnecessarily.
Our homes may not be round or tubular, and we haven't developed automatic robots to clean our dirty dishes (yet), but intelligent products are showing up everywhere, making our lives easier and our everyday duties more convenient. Who knows? Maybe in 20 years we will have products that make even the lifestyle of the Jetsons seem ancient.

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