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New Web Site Provides Breaking Science News for Kids

New Web Site Provides Breaking Science News for Kids

(ARA)- A surprise discovery in a T. Rex fossil, chipmunk-sized mammals roaming with dinosaurs, a tiger caught on hidden camera--these stories and more can be found on a new Science Reporting for Kids Web site launched by AAAS, the science society. The site,, features kid-friendly breaking news and resources posted by leading universities, medical centers and other research organizations worldwide.
Launched as a resource for the growing number of science journalists who write for children and teens, the Science Reporting for Kids site is also freely available to the public.
"The site was originally created as a resource for journalists," says Cathy O'Malley, EurekAlert!'s project director, "but as it evolved, we found that the information on it is also valuable to science teachers and the kids they are teaching, as well as to families and children."
The hundreds of articles on the site cover a wide range of topics, from bugs to biology and everything in between. "Calling All Cockroaches" highlights the work of researchers at North Carolina State University who have discovered a new way to trap cockroaches that could radically improve pest control. "Lightning is a Flash Point for Collaboration" discusses the work of researchers at the University of Florida who are studying ways to make buildings in lightning-prone areas safer, while "Deep-sea Exploration to the 'Lost City'" reveals what scientists have learned about hydrothermal systems on the ocean floor. There are also articles about recent discoveries in space and how to burn extra calories without exercising.
"The Science Reporting for Kids site can help teachers, students and families stay up-to-date with science and health news, find kid-friendly resources or learn something new in the area of science," says O'Malley.
Also included within the site is a special section featuring kid-friendly news from the prestigious journal Science, published by AAAS. In addition to breaking news, the Science section offers an interactive "Be a Baby Genius" game as well as links to outside resources.
Start-up funding for the EurekAlert! Science for Kids Portal was provided by AAAS's William T. Golden Endowment Fund for Program Innovation.
To check out the site for yourself, log on to Access to the information is free and does not require a registration.

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