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It's Only Ink! Lost items in a messy room

It's Only Ink!
Lost items in a messy room

With the message "lost things can easily be found in a cleaner room, "Time to Fly: A Fairy Lane Book" was a pleasure to read to my children before bedtime.
It's time for the Time to Fly festival and Petals, last year's winner of the fastest fairy child, has the honor of sprinkling fairy dust on the fairy babies. But Petals has a problem-she's lost the fairy dust pouch! If she can't find it, then the babies won't learn to fly; the festival won't occur, and Petals will be at fault!
Quickly rummaging through her messy room, Petals goes to her parents. "Clean your room," they tell her, but Petals has a better idea; she'll look around Fairy Lane first.
Some time later, after visiting several places in Fairy lane, Petals gives up and heads home to her messy room. Will Petals find the fairy dust pouch on time? Will the festival go on? Will the fairy babies learn to fly? Find out by getting "Time to Fly" A Fairy Lane Book" today.
Author and illustrator, Barbara Lanza's book was not only a pleasure to read, it was a delight to look at. Each colorful page is filled with beautiful fairies, creatures of the forest, and vividly detailed surroundings.
Your children will ask you to read it again and again.

Time to Fly: A Fairy Lane Book by Barbara Lanza
Published by Moo Press,
Release: October 2005
ISBN: 0-9724853-7-6
Price: $19.95

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