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Soon Every Passenger in Your Car Will Be Able to Personalize Their Entertainment Experience

Soon Every Passenger in Your Car Will Be Able to Personalize Their Entertainment Experience

(ARA)- "Are we there yet?" For years, those have been the most popular words uttered during a long car trip; but soon people will instead be saying, "Can I stay in the car a little longer, please!"
Starting in Spring 2005, people who buy one of General Motors' new crossover sport vans (CSVs), including the Saturn Relay, will be able to upgrade to the new Mobile Digital Media Powered by PhatNoise system, a wallet-sized, 40-gigabyte (GB) hard-drive cartridge that installs in the vehicle's integrated overhead rail storage system.
The cartridge is easily removable, and can be connected to a home PC or laptop to download content. It is capable of holding and playing back a total of 10,000 songs (in MP3, WMA or WAV formats) or 40 standard-length movies (in MPEG format), or a combination of music, movies and video games--up to 40 GB of material.
"It's an entertainment option that really offers something for everyone," says Jill Lajdziak, Saturn's general manager. "When you're on a long road trip, the kids can watch their favorite videos or play video games, and the adults can listen to music or audio books, at the same time without disturbing each other."
Front seat passengers use radio and steering wheel controls to access the music collection. They can browse by artist, album, genre or custom play list. Rear-seat passengers select from a colorful menu displayed on the overhead DVD monitor to play their own music, videos or games using the wireless DVD remote and headphones. Two wireless game controllers are also included.
In addition to the PhatNoise entertainment systems, the new CSVs also offer the option of adding XM Satellite Radio, a service that provides more than 120 coast-to-coast digital-quality channels of original commercial-free music, news and sports talk. There are even channels devoted to weather and traffic.
"Before you know it, summer vacation will be here, and for families planning a long road trip, upgrading to an advanced entertainment system can be a real life and sanity saver," says Lajdziak.
To find out more about the system that puts all the entertainment features you can imagine at your fingertips--even while traveling 65 miles per hour down the highway--log on to

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