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Protect Your Personal Information in Cyberspace

Protect Your Personal Information in Cyberspace

(ARA)- A mailbox overflowing with junk mail and a computer overloaded with spam started a revolution for a Florida couple. Like many Americans, Frank and Cathy Tolton realized a part of their lives was floating around on the World Wide Web and they were powerless to find it. "It bothered me to know some of our personal information was out there," says Cathy, a working mother who enjoys surfing the Web.
Out of this frustration was born. This safe and secure online service gives consumers a single source for discovering what personal information is available on the World Wide Web. Frank Tolton's goal was to develop a Web site that was user friendly and affordable for the average person. "For less than five dollars a month you can buy peace of mind and we do all the work for you," says Tolton.
Consumer groups estimate that as many as 750,000 people a year are victimized by identity theft, and the U. S. Federal Trade Commission says identity theft is its number one source of consumer complaints. Every consumer has a different situation and the Lookout4You service allows users to set up customized search parameters they would like monitored. The search criteria would typically include their name and or any relevant combinations of their name ( i.e. nicknames, maiden names, married names, etc. ). The search criteria could also include abridged versions of any numbers that are important to the consumer, such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
Frank and Cathy realize they were fortunate not to have their credit card information end up on the Internet, but they have heard the horror stories. "It happens all the time and it can cost families thousands of dollars to correct the problem if left undetected," says Frank.
There are numerous factors that can contribute to personal information ending up on the Internet and it is not always theft. Improperly configured servers, holes in security systems and even simple human error all share the blame.
Lookout4You accepts no advertising on the Web site and the company's mission is to serve as a search tool for consumers. Once a customer has created their custom search criteria, Lookout4you will search the Internet for any possible matches and report back with a listing and links to the locations of matched items.
Putting the Internet to work for her is very comforting to Cathy Tolton, "Just knowing it's there helps me sleep better at night." For more information about the Lookout4You service and sign up for a free 30 day trial log onto

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