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Make Your Cell Phone Hands Free in the Car

Make Your Cell Phone Hands Free in the Car

(ARA)- Cell phones have really revolutionized our lives. They allow us to communicate any time from anywhere, and as would be expected, are used a lot on the road.
Some people use them for personal reasons, like talking to friends and family; making lunch or dinner reservations; or letting the babysitter know they'll be late because they're stuck in traffic. Others, like Nick Angelucci of New Jersey, use them to do business while traveling to and from appointments. "I'm an automotive rep. and must put 2,000 miles on my car a month traveling from dealership to dealership," he says. "Situations are always popping up while I'm in transit. I need a cell phone to keep in touch with my office and clients."
Angelucci says he has a phone with him at all times, but once he gets into his car, he relies on his hands-free system for all communications. "I don't want to hold the phone at all when I'm in the car," he says. "The hands-free system allows me to keep in touch with the world without having to lift a finger. It's so convenient."
Angelucci's car is equipped with Visteon's Hands-Free Phone Kit, a system that uses Bluetooth technology and voice recognition software to manage all incoming and outgoing cell phone calls. Visteon's aftermarket offering of hands-free, Bluetooth- enabled cell phone access is born from their expertise in the early development and production of original equipment hands-free products.
The company's market expertise led to the addition of this product through Visteon's aftermarket channel. Visteon has produced Bluetooth enabled cell phone as original equipment since 2002. This leading Tier I supplier was first to produce voice activation for various in-vehicle features like embedded cell phones, radios and climate systems in the late 1990s on luxury vehicles.
If the user wants to call someone, all he or she has to say is "name dial" and give the name of the person in their phone book. To answer a call, they simply say "hello" the radio turns down and the person's voice comes over the radio. Like with a hand-held cell phone, the system has a liquid crystal display--mounted on the dash--that shows the name and number of the person calling.
"If I don't recognize the number or don't want to answer, I can just let the call roll over to voice mail. It's like having a secretary on wheels," he says. "Can't beat that."
Visteon's Hands-Free Phone Kit can be installed in any vehicle for between $275 and $300 but only works with Bluetooth enabled phones. A list of compatible phones, along with more information about the system, is available at

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