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Improving your odds of playing better games

Improving your odds of playing better games

(NAPS)-Game players want a variety of ways to enjoy their favorite pastime. Just as music lovers like to sample music before buying it and movie lovers like to rent a DVD before considering a purchase, some gamers prefer to rent games or take new games for a free test-drive before committing to buying them.
Those who play games even casually love to have a variety of choices and the ability to easily find top games. According to eMarketer, 115 million video gamers are playing online at casual game websites.
Fortunately, you can take online games for a test-drive, as you might view a season of a television show on Hulu, rent it-as you might rent a DVD with Redbox-or buy as you might through iTunes.
For example, WildTangent allows gamers to play top games free for hours by showing a 30-second commercial before game playing begins. Players can also rent games for a fraction of the purchase price when free play is finished, which is a big plus for people who like to play many games and don't feel the need to own them all.
If you really love the game after playing for free or renting it, you can decide to buy it. One hundred percent of your rental applies toward ownership of the game.
Playing games online can make life more fun for the whole family-especially at sites that offer kids games, family games, casual games and enthusiast games.
Interested in trying a hidden object or match 3 game? Maybe you need a little action or adventure in your game? Or perhaps you prefer the old arcade games or need more of a challenge with brainpower games? offers thousands of hot online games, adding new games each week for every kind of player.
The site is one of the largest and most trusted online game services in the world. You can find game tips and highlights on Facebook and twitter at www.face and For more information or to start playing, visit

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