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Movies From the Black Lagoon: Seconds Apart

Movies From the Black Lagoon
Seconds Apart - 2011, Rated R
By Tom Doty
Weekly Contributing Writer

A pair of deeply disturbed juveniles make life unbearable for everyone in their orbit in this shocker from the 'After Dark Horror Festival" label.
This is the 'After Dark" film we have all been waiting for since the series began four years ago. The story begins with a living nightmare as a members of a high school football team get drunk at a party and let a harmless (though decidedly sexist) game about their female classmates escalate into a shocking blood bath as a handgun is introduced and the boys begin playing 'Russian Roulette."
Most disturbing about this scene is that it appears to have been orchestrated by twin boys (Seth and Jonah) who wield psychic powers the 'X-Men" would envy. These kids are creepy to the max. They dress alike (cute when twins are toddlers but very odd after they have passed through puberty), videotape their misdeeds, and live in a time warp styled home complete with 1950's style parents who appear to be on enough valium to bring down a rhino.
Things don't slow down much as we meet a defective detective, Lampkin, who is struggling with his own demons about losing his wife to the same house fire that has left him scarred and suffering from intense nightmares. Lampkin quickly tumbles to the involvement of the twins but learns a startling truth-no one at the party can remember seeing them being there.
The story moves quickly as Lampkin investigates the boys while the twins' unhealthy relationship begins to come apart under the dual pressures of the police investigation and a young lady coming between them. While Lampkin uncovers some horrible truths about the boys their relationship begins to fracture and no one is safe.
The finale reveals exactly what caused these boys to go off the deep end and it isn't pretty. That sad their violent past makes for great horror movie stiff that should have you covering your eyes a few times as their barbaric past is revealed. You will never look at broken glass the same way again after seeing what they make their first babysitter do with a plate full of the stuff. The gory finale will please horror buffs but don't expect one of those stupid endings where a sequel is inevitable. This one features a smart and definitive conclusion that will satisfy viewers who just want to enjoy one story, well told.
This is as good as horror flicks get. The filmmakers have a field day with creepy imagery and provide more jump-starts than a "Battery One" employee. They also give you a dogged detective to root for and cast the film's only star in the role of Lampkin, Orlando Jones. This actor has always been known for his comedy (he was in the original cats of 'Mad TV") but it's obvious that he always wanted to play a "cop on the edge" type of role. He is entirely believable here as are Gary and Edmund Entin as the twins. They turn out be gifted thespians that can handle a taut script as well as scenes where they have to be spookier than those little girls in 'the Shining." All in all this is a step in the right direction for the 'After Dark" people and the best twin themed horror flick since David Cronenberg directed Jeremy Irons in "Dead Ringers."
Best Line: "My uncle has diabetes, he doesn't take care of it. He's always losing toes."

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