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Inspiring children to become lifelong readers

Inspiring children to become lifelong readers

(NAPSI)-Encouraging your children to read can help them succeed.
According to the National Institute for Literacy, success in school and life starts with learning to read. When children become good readers in early grades, they are more likely to become better learners throughout their school years and beyond. However, results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress reading test found that 37 percent of American fourth graders read below the "basic" level.
According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, the media landscape is changing rapidly. Kids ages 8_18 are now spending an average of more than 7 hours, 30 minutes per day with media. While parental involvement is critical, it ultimately comes down to inspiring the individual child not only to read books, but to find their own passion about reading in all forms. Reading can include printed media as well as online newspapers, magazines, blogs, games and anything on a phone.
Here are a few tips to help get your kids reading:
Find authors your child likes to build connections and excitement about reading.
Choose all kinds of books, such as nonfiction, fiction and certain themes. It exposes them to various kinds of literature and also helps them determine their personal preference.
Suggest books that build on personal experiences such as friendship, family, trips, pets or sports.
Find the book award winners at your school library or public library.
Suggest that your child visit sites such as, where children can discover, learn and experience the joys of reading.
The Lifelong Literacy campaign is a public-service advertising campaign (PSA) launched by the Ad Council and the Library of Congress. New PSAs, aimed to reach children in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades and their parents, focus on engaging children in all forms of literacy. The objective is to inspire a lifelong love of reading and encourage kids to explore their imaginations. The TV, online and outdoor PSAs feature characters and scenes from Disney's new film "Tangled."
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