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Movies From the Black Lagoon: Pig Hunt

Movies From the Black Lagoon
Pig Hunt - 2009, Rated R
By Tom Doty

A hunting excursion goes horribly awry in this well paced chiller from Jim Isaac. He is the same guy who directed the heck out of the tenth 'Friday the 13th" movie ('Jason X' which put the hockey masked killer on a spaceship and further upped the ante by outfitting him as a nightmare version of 'Robocop').
This time out the director crafts a decent chiller by pitting his game young cast against a giant pig. Though this may sound original it was actually done once before in a screen gem called 'Razorback." If you wish to see every giant pig movie then have at it as they're both well made (Russell" Highlander" Mulcahy cut his tusks, er teeth, on "Razorback" which is now available at
It all starts with our cast of young people heading out to the wilderness for a hunting/bonding trip. The hunting part goes pretty badly. That's to be expected when the plan is to bag a thousand pound "pigasaurus "that sports a reputation normally saved for icons of urban lore such as 'Bigfoot" or "Bloody Mary." Add to that the fact that it rocks a simple, yet accurate, nickname, "The Ripper." The locals aren't much help though an uneasy alliance is formed is formed to hunt the beast.
Their misfortune begins when they find a crop of marijuana. This development adds greed to the equation and soon our group is at odds with a local clan that sees the crop as a way out of the current economic downturn (though it's about time we woke up and called it what it is-a depression). Then a third group enters the fray. This clan is sort of a free loving gaggle of hippie chicks who spend most of the day stoned out of their minds. They may not seem very threatening but that's just what they want you to think.
Pretty soon our cast is whittled down and it isn't pretty. The most brutal bits don't even involve "hogzilla." The people in this flick are so unkind to each other that it is almost a relief to have the "Swine-inator" show up and dispatch characters with ruthless efficiency. It all leads to a final showdown that pits the last survivors against the 'Hog father" in a battle where no prisoners will be taken though a barbecue is sure to follow.
This film is one of eight that were packaged together by the folks at 'Fangoria Magazine." If you dropped that publication then you should give them another chance due to major improvements and a new editor at the helm. The publication is branching out and has moved into T.V. and radio so a series of DVD release was a given. There first crop of flicks is at least better than the last 'After Dark Horrorfest" release, admittedly that's not saying much but give them a chance.
Best Line: "Pull up your pantyhose Q-Nut, there's no turning back."

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