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Shepherdstown May Day

Shepherdstown May Day
Wonderful Ways for you to Participate!

The sound of peepers has touched the night...and that means that Shepherdstown May Day is not far away. It also means that thoughts of tilling the garden, painting the house and other spring chores fill the weekends.
Upon reflection one might take pause to remember that part of the joy of the rural life is the true feeling of community that holds the heart and the family while the spring chores take form. Community does not happen by is Made a Priority and action is taken to celebrate the turn of the year together.
Shepherdstown May Day is a precious, family centered, acoustic and agronimous event offered up for celebration. It is 18 years strong and is created by the joint energies of skateboarders, wheelbarrow babies and flower-bedecked maidens!
Saturday, May 2nd please join us in downtown Shepherdstown on the lawn at McMurran Hall, ready to join in the parade, picnic and enjoy live music, watch Morris Dancers of many colors and marvel at the magical wrapping of the Maypole.
This year's May Day Wish List includes an invitation to any who would:
Decorate your GOATS, SHEEP, pet TURTLES and DOGGIES and join the parade to bring the spring down through the town.
Decorate your BICYCLES, show up with streamers in your hands and SKATEBOARD 'neath your feet to open up the parade route. Got a UNICYCLE? Bring it on!
MOTHERS and DAUGHTERS...take this as a special time to put flowers in your hair and bring in the spring.
GREENMEN TAKE HEED! We invite men of all ages to wrap themselves in greenery (in days of old, a chicken wire "tent" was covered in ivy and the young man walked inside...more free this way to cavort under the may pole).
MEN'S BRIGADE...we challenge you to bring the greenery into town in the form of a tree, a wheelbarrow filled with plants or soil...or even a huge maypole!
DRUMMERS! Hand drummers...we need your energy to wake the earth and give a heartbeat for all to dance to.
BUBBLE BLOWERS, FACE PAINTERS and FREE SPIRITS all...SPRITES with pointed ears...come one, come all...STILT
WALKERS and JESTERS...WINGED ANGELS and FEARIES come and welcome the spring!
ALL MAIDENS AGE 10 and UP WHO WISH TO WALK IN WHITE and be CAKE need simply to bake a pound cake (with poppy seeds if possible) and bring a basket of such to the top of the parade route and share your cake with those you meet. A garland of flowers in your hair brings the sweetest energy of all into our town and fills the summer with the sweet memories of your beauty.
Those interested in participating in this wondrous event may contact, Cheryl Mansley at or 304-702-0554, or Laura First at or 301-676-0195.
May Day is also in search of a GOLDEN ARROW FAIRY! One who would hold the golden arrows and proudly present them to the little sprites who follow all the clues from beginning to end in the search for the golden arrow - a symbol that represents the first ray of sunshine. If you would like to be the golden arrow fairy, please contact Barbara Hartman at

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