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Beat Aches and Pains with These Outdoor Activity Tips

Beat Aches and Pains with These Outdoor Activity Tips

(NewsUSA)- When beautiful, sunny weather replaces the gray skies of winter, many take advantage by getting outside and participating in a variety of activities such as gardening, golfing and hiking. But after the fun is over, aches and pains can kick in -; which can considerably decrease your sunny, outdoor activities.
Soothing sore, aching feet and muscles can be quick and easy, however. The Absorbine Jr. massage applicator, for example, provides liquid relief directly to the point of pain, which will have you back outside in no time.
And while it's good to have a remedy on hand, the best cure for those aches and pains may be something else entirely -; prevention. The following tips will help you best enjoy some pain-free physical activity in your life:
* Choose good shoes. Make sure your shoes fit properly. When walking or hiking, avoid all styles that limit your foot's ability to move freely and naturally.
* Make physical activity a daily priority. If you are active on a regular basis, there's much less of a chance that you will suffer from the aches and pains commonly felt by those who are only able to fit in that long run on the weekends.
* Use a topical pain reliever regularly. After a long, hard day, rubbing a product such as Absorbine Jr. liquid into your aching muscles will lessen the pain felt the next morning. Botanical extracts like calendula, Echinacea, wormwood and menthol all work together to soothe even the sorest spots on the body.
* Warm up. Always warm up the muscles you'll be exercising before beginning any physical activity. Spend at least 10 minutes stretching muscles in your shoulders, back, upper legs and wrists. When you have finished with your exercise, incorporate a cool- down period and stretch muscles out after your activity is over.
* Make use of proper equipment. All equipment used when doing any activity should fit correctly and be the right size for your skill level, age and physical strength.
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