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Steps to a Healthy New You

Steps to a Healthy New You

(NewsUSA)- At the beginning of every new year, many decide to turn over a new leaf when it comes to their general health. However, that renewed interest in bettering oneself doesn't often last long. According to a recent study, 50 percent of those who set a New Year's resolution for themselves abandon it by the end of January -; and 90 percent call it quits by the end of the year's first quarter.
Rather than being part of these unfortunate statistics, a renewed, long-term resolve to get fit and feel great should be something everyone strives for, according to celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters.
"New Year's is a great time of year to set priorities and focus on good health for the entire year. The key is getting into a healthy routine," Waters said.
Waters provided these tips to help you stick to a routine:
* Set a goal and deadline. Few things will get you more committed than a deadline.
* Know where you are. Before you start your regimen, take your measurements and weight. Write them down to monitor your progress.
* Know where you're going. Set a clear and specific goal that's measureable, so you can stay focused and know when you've reached your goal.
* Eat right. As part of a healthy style of eating, a 1/4-cup serving of delicious California Raisins helps to meet the recommended goal of eight to 13 daily fruit servings. Raisins deliver antioxidants and potassium to reduce oxidation that helps to prevent high blood pressure and plaque buildup in the arteries, which lowers cholesterol levels and contributes to heart and colon health. Try this recipe for a healthful snack to jumpstart the new year.
Savory California Raisin Trail Mix (8 servings)
1/2 cup cacao nibs
1 cup hulled pumpkin seeds or sunflower kernels
1 cup California natural raisins
1 cup California golden raisins
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon chipotle chile
pepper powder
Heat a large nonstick frying pan over medium heat, and spray lightly with cooking spray. Add cacao nibs and toast, stirring constantly for two minutes. Stir in pumpkin seeds, and toast two minutes more, stirring constantly. Add raisins, salt and pepper and toss to coat, and heat for another two minutes or until raisins are plump. Makes 2.5 ounces for each serving.
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