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Why Do We Walk for a Cause?

Why Do We Walk for a Cause?

Each of us has a cause, whether it be great or small, we believe in the mission and goals of our cause and the organization that promotes its need. The cause may be something that we become involved in because of a bigger picture, like an illness we have or a love one has, because out of concern for friend or their family, because we feel the need to give back in some small way.
Giving to a cause can be fulfilled in many ways; monetarily, through volunteerism, and legislatively. Not everyone is able to contribute in all of the above ways. Each person brings to the commitment something different. These aspects are all needed to help complete the organization's mission and goals by elevating its awareness. Some people prefer to be recognized while others prefer not to be recognized. Many times this is accomplished by holding events in the community.
The Western Maryland Chapter, of the Alzheimer's Association is one of these types of organizations. We promote the need for awareness of research to find a cure for Alzheimer's disease, to provide services to families and caregivers of loved ones with Alzheimer's, as well as professionals needing education, training and guidance for caring with individuals who have Alzheimer's. We have a national fundraising event annually and other events to help maintain our programs.
The Memory Walks are our main event each year. These events raise funds for our organization to be able to provide and promote this awareness. We are pleased to announce that through the years we have been very fortunate to have a great group of volunteers, sponsors and public policy advocates to help us continue with our mission and goals.
It is by the generous commitment of time and money to the Memory Walk that the Alzheimer's Association can open minds of others to learn all the facts and to help educate others about the disease, and voice your support, by becoming an advocate, spreading the word and speaking for those who can not, and by being on the move forward to help others end Alzheimer's disease.
This is Why I Walk, Because...
Please help us in this endeavor by walking at one of the upcoming 2007 Memory Walks.
Frederick Memory Walk: Sunday September 30, 2:30pm, from the Maryland School for the Deaf.
Cumberland Memory Walk: Sunday October 7, 2pm, at Allegany College of Maryland.
For more information about forming a team to walk, volunteering at the walk or to donate funds for the cause please call Terry Miller, Development Coordinator, 301-696-0315, 800-272-3900 or email:

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