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Healthy Families Home Visiting Services Grant Awarded

Healthy Families Home Visiting Services Grant Awarded

Congratulations to the Washington County Health Department (WCHD) for their recent award of $277,993.00 for the provision of the Healthy Families Home Visiting Services (HF) program in Washington County. The HF is a national model program designed to help expectant and new parents get their children off to a healthy start.
The HF programs offer voluntary and free home visiting services to parents facing multiple challenges (i.e., elements that would add stressors to any home: single parent status, low income, substance abuse problems, victim of abuse or domestic violence, etc.) so that they have the support they need to better care for their children. The goals of the program are: 1) To promote positive parenting, 2) To enhance child health and development and 3) To prevent child abuse and neglect. Some of the core HF services provided are:
* Ensuring families have a medical provider;
* Sharing information on children's development processes;
* Assisting families in identifying their baby's needs and obtaining certain resources;
* Supporting families in the home while they respond to their child's and their own needs;
* Sharing ideas on caring for babies, toddlers, and young children;
* Linking families with other resources in the community for assistance with job placement and identification of day care providers;
* Assisting families in following up with recommended immunization schedules; and
* Helping families feel more empowered and in turn more likely to take action when needed.
The HF programs have an assessment process in which a trained staff member systematically assesses all families within the target population, either prenatally or within two weeks of the birth of a child. Programs typically work with hospitals, clinics and other community agencies that serve pregnant women and /or new parents to provide assessment services.
The WCCP applied for the HF grant from the Maryland State Department of Education in order to continue these services in Washington County. Washington County's program is one of 14 similar HF programs in the State of Maryland.

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