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Boost Your Circulation for Stronger Heart Health

Boost Your Circulation for Stronger Heart Health

(NewsUSA)- The expression "cold hands, warm heart" may convey tender sentiments in song lyrics and novels, but in real life it's neither romantic nor healthy to suffer from poor circulation. For many people, however, it's an all-too-common experience.
Regardless of season or temperature, more than 75 percent of women ages 18 to 54 sometimes, often or always experience cold hands or cold feet, which may be a symptom of poor circulation. In a January 2007 survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Life Fitness, 80 percent of the women surveyed said they find these symptoms to be at least somewhat bothersome.
Beyond the nuisance factor, these symptoms may also be an early warning system. As the body's "superhighway," the circulatory system powers the heart, the hardest-working muscle in the body. Blood circulates around the body more than a thousand times a day to supply oxygen to the vital organs.
Poor circulation can trigger health problems or aggravate existing conditions, such as diabetes and cardiac complications. In addition to cold hands or feet, symptoms of poor circulation can include numbness or tingling in the extremities and changes in the color of the skin.
Since the basic action of blood flowing from cell to cell is of such great importance to health and longevity, you can improve your circulation by:
* Eating a healthy, balanced diet. Include plenty of low-fat foods.
* Exercising more. Even a short daily walk will help get your muscles moving and heart pumping.
* Kicking the habit. Tobacco smoke can aggravate poor blood circulation.
* Trying new supplements. Life Fitness's clinically tested Arginine TR Plus supplement promotes optimal cardiovascular functioning and healthy blood pressure levels by providing a time-release supply of L-arginine, an amino acid essential for producing nitric oxide.
Nitric oxide relaxes the smooth muscles around all arteries, causing the vessels to dilate and increase blood flow to all areas of the body, including the heart and the brain. Arginine TR Plus is sold at CVS/pharmacy and through

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