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Achieve a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit in 2006!

Achieve a Healthy Mind, Body, and Spirit in 2006!

(ARA)- Many health and fitness experts recommend that exercise enthusiasts combine the physical fitness of their body with that of their mind and spirit. One way to ensure that you have a healthy mind, body, and spirit is through yoga and Pilates.
Yoga Philosophy and Practice: An Indian science and art, yoga dates back 5,000 years. It offers a set of physical exercises and mental techniques that align and tone the body, and focus the mind. Yoga is an individual discipline, is non-competitive, and teaches participants to consciously unite and balance the wisdom found in the body, mind, and spirit.
Pilates Philosophy and Practice: Pilates, named for its founder Joseph Pilates, is a total conditioning program that works your body by focusing on core abdominal and back muscles. It also is a mind-body exercise, which, like yoga, stresses proper breathing while strengthening and lengthening the muscles.
The benefits of yoga and Pilates are many: Participants get a whole body workout while strengthening and building endurance. You can develop better balance, coordination, posture and flexibility through building core strength. Yoga and Pilates provide improvement in circulation and increased breathing capacity while also creating an outlet for stress, physical and mental tension, and encouraging relaxation. They have proven to be effective in the relief of back pain, sports injuries and other chronic health problems.
Yoga and Pilates in the mainstream: A 2004 Yoga Journal study reported that about 15 million people in the United States practiced yoga--a 29 percent jump from the previous year. "The yoga offerings at Life Time Fitness spiked 300 percent from 2000 to 2003 alone," says Jeff Zwiefel, senior vice president, Life Time Fitness, a national operator of distinctive and large sports and athletic, professional fitness, family recreation, and resort/spa centers. "This is a direct result of our members' interest and demand."
Many health and fitness centers have added yoga and Pilates to their class schedules. Some, including Life Time Fitness, even offer designated yoga and Pilates studios that provide members the best environment to find harmony between the mind and body.
Along with increased demand, fitness enthusiasts are looking to combine many of their favorite high-intensity classes with yoga and Pilates. Some examples of new fusions of these philosophies include Boga (boxing and yoga), Yo-Chi (yoga and Tai Chi) Power Flow Yoga (suited for athletically oriented people seeking advanced flexibility training) and Power Stretch (which combines yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi).
It is clear that yoga and Pilates are becoming an important part of health and wellness regimens today. Because their practice incorporates physical activity with meditation and relaxation, yoga and Pilates are the perfect tools to maintain a healthy mind, body, and spirit for a lifetime.
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