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A Restorative Solution for Every Skin Type

A Restorative Solution for Every Skin Type

(NAPSI)-Making the most of the skin you're in may be easier than many women realize. The fact is, well-balanced skin reveals its own natural health and radiance.
It helps to have a daily skin care regimen. For your skin to look its best, you need to invest in twice-a-day care.
Here are hints on how:
* Clean skin is key to a more radiant look. Dust, perspiration, makeup and pollution can all cause problems. Cleansing thoroughly, yet gently, helps keep pores unclogged and skin bright.
* Good toners help remove the last tiny traces of makeup and cleanser. The clean, fresh feeling they leave you with is worth the extra step.
* Consider a serum. It can give skin a healthy looking glow by renewing its clarity and texture. One with Retinyl Linoleate, a gentle patented vitamin A molecule, helps even skin tone, soften the appearance of fine lines, minimize the look of pores and give skin an overall radiant look. Skin is left firmer, brighter and smoother looking.
* Moisturize. No matter how much water you drink, to really hydrate your skin, you need a good moisturizer. The outermost layer of skin can't actually absorb water from within. Today's moisturizers act as barriers against the environment and dry air, and improve water retention by sealing the skin.
* Get your beauty sleep. Skin cells do their best repair work at night. You can help them with a cream designed to work with your natural, internal rhythm to help support skin's own natural collagen, combat harmful free radicals.
To help with all this, there's now a regimen-focused skincare line specifically designed and customized for each unique skin type. What's more, it comes from a company that really understands aging and has over 100 years of skincare expertise.
Visible Difference is a new spa-inspired, essentials skincare line from Elizabeth Arden to help balance skin with a four-part daily treatment process that promises to deliver a visible improvement in as little as six days.*
The daily regimen for oily, combination and dry skin is a way to cleanse, tone, treat and moisturize. Each regimen includes customized key ingredients to achieve the visible results women want to see and balanced skin needs.
To complement the three daily regimens-Oil Free, Gentle Hydrating and Skin Balancing-the new line provides, Elizabeth Arden also has special treatment products including an Optimizing Skin Serum for an extra skincare boost and to bring the spa experience home.
Visible Difference items are available in Macy's stores and at

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