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Maximizing results with wellness programs

Maximizing results with wellness programs

(NAPSI)-Employers are beginning to take greater notice of health and wellness issues-and with good reason. At least one-quarter of health care costs incurred by working adults are attributed to modifiable health risks such as tobacco use, diet and lack of exercise, according to
Many companies are implementing wellness programs as part of their benefits offerings to promote healthy employee lifestyles, cut down on expenses and maximize options to employees.
As the 2012 Aflac WorkForces Report found, 92 percent of organizations with a wellness program consider it effective. Further, 59 percent of companies overall agree wellness programs can decrease health care costs.
What's more, 28 percent of workers say they would be more satisfied and more loyal to their employer if their company offered options to improve health and lifestyle, because they would believe their employer cares about their well-being.
Advantages of Wellness Programs
One of the most important benefits to both employers and employees is reduced health care expenses as a result of proper preventive care. Businesses can encourage wellness and prevention by offering voluntary insurance that includes wellness benefits. In addition to the primary benefits of the policy, policyholders get a lump sum cash payment whenever they have a preventive screening or test.
Companies can not only promote smart choices for eating and exercise, but educate and engage employees on how to improve their lifestyle-physically and fiscally.
Companies Offer:
* Health screenings
* Financial incentives for annual physical exams
* Discounts to health centers or gyms
* Financial management tips, including how to save and invest money
* Health seminars and fairs
* Advice on how to manage stress and anxiety
* Company-sponsored runs.
Offering voluntary insurance benefits options can boost employee morale and increase productivity, which can help drive business success.
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