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Want Headache Relief? Sit in the Dentist's Chair

Want Headache Relief? Sit in the Dentist's Chair

(NUE)- Do you suffer from migraines? A trip to the dentist might be just what you need for relief.
This idea might seem far-fetched. Indeed, for some people, the mere thought of going to the dentist is enough to cause pain. But the fact is that many people who have sought treatment from neuromuscular dentists have been able to get relief from headache pain, without the use of medication.
The idea behind neuromuscular dentistry is that each person's jaw has an optimal position that makes the jaw muscles relax. If a person's bite is out of kilter, it may lead to fatigued jaw muscles, resulting in a spectrum of problems, including headaches, neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain or ringing in the ears.
Rebecca Vendemo, a 28-year-old trumpet player in Brooklyn, N.Y., experienced shooting pain from her lips, her jaw and throughout her entire face. After visiting a neuromuscular dentist, she was fitted with a splint device to correct her bite. Within 45 minutes, she felt relief. Vendemo says she feels 100 percent better after having her bite corrected.
The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies trains dentists in neuromuscular dentistry techniques. While traditional dentistry focuses primarily on the teeth, bones and gums, neuromuscular dentists work with the tissues, muscles and nerves. A neuromuscular dentist will locate each person's optimal jaw position and then provide treatment to correct the bite with the use of a mouthpiece, veneers or other corrective approaches.
Jack and Gloria Vinson, a married couple in Georgia who are in their mid-50s, received corrective treatments from neuromuscular dentists. Gloria's teeth had become very sensitive and it was difficult for her to eat. Jack had sinus problems and suffered from chronic headaches.
"I'd eat Tylenol and Advil and now it's rare," Jack said. "The headaches are virtually gone."
They said they have not only found a life free from headaches and pain, but their treatments also boosted their levels of self-confidence.
Gloria had porcelain veneers applied to her teeth to correct her bite. People noticed right away that there was something different about her smile, she said.
"It puts you in a position of strength to have such a good professional look," Gloria said of her newfound smile, while Jack observed that his treatments have made him look much younger.
"I must have lost 15 years in age in my profile," he said.
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