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Hello probiotics -- goodbye sickness

Hello probiotics -- goodbye sickness

(NewsUSA) - It's popping up in yogurt, ice cream, cereal, juice and even candy bars. Dozens of products claim to contain "probiotics," but what are they -- and why should you care?
The use of probiotics in foods and dietary supplements is based on the fact that a healthy level of "good" bacteria in the body can be beneficial. These "good" bacteria occur naturally in most people and assist in many bodily functions, such as digestion. However, not everyone has enough of every type of good bacteria in their system. Those who do can sometimes demonstrate elevated resistance to a variety of germ-related symptoms. Those who don't may be susceptible to various illnesses. Research suggests that increasing levels of good bacteria can help the body defend itself.
Researchers at BLIS Technologies and Otago University
in New Zealand recently discovered that probiotics are also beneficial for oral health. In conjunction with TheraBreath, they developed TheraBreath Multi Symptom Oral Care Probiotics, the first probiotic product that effectively targets hostile bacteria in the oral cavity and throat, where the majority of illness-causing germs enter your body. Clinical studies of the bacteria used in TheraBreath Multi Symptom Oral Care found multiple health benefits, such as:
* Protects the teeth from causes of bacterial cavities and tooth decay.
* Reduces dental plaque and biofilm by breaking up the natural glue that allows these substances to stick to tooth and gum tissue.
* Reduces periodontal inflammation, gum sensitivity, and tooth sensitivity attributed to acid erosion.
* Protects against bacteria that causes bad breath.
* Reduces tooth staining by reducing adherence of stains to enamel.
* Boosts the body's natural immunity against chronic sore throats and step throat.
* Supports ear, nose and throat health, reducing incidents of ear aches.
When used once a month, TheraBreath Multi Symptom
Oral Care will make a profound difference to your smile and your oral health. For more information about the product, visit

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