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Green organization tips for increased productivity, less stress

Green organization tips for increased productivity, less stress

(NAPS)-Organizing your home can reduce stress levels, and there are easy ways to declutter while being mindful of the environment, suggests Lorie Marrero, author of "The Clutter Diet: The Skinny on Organizing Your Home and Taking Control of Your Life."
She offers these eight green, environmentally conscious ideas:
* Start with a prioritized task list to stay on track. Why not use a notebook that you can reuse over and over? M by Staples makes a reusable journal with refillable paper that is the perfect size to carry with you for any on-the-go additions to the list.
* Prevent having to recycle junk mail by removing your name from mailing lists. Register with the Mail Preference Service at
* When you do organize, you often need to clean off a shelf or wash a window to make the space feel finished. Clean up with environmentally friendly cleaners such as Sustainable Earth by Staples, which minimizes environmental impact both in general and inside your home.
* Instead of using paper towels, recycle old clothing and towels into cleaning rags. Tear them or mark them with a big "X" with a marker, so that you avoid getting them mixed back into your regular clothing and linens.
* Make it official with your recycling efforts-give this function a dedicated space in your home, either in your mudroom, garage or kitchen, so that it isn't constantly in your way. You might want an intermediate bin you can take to the larger bin to empty in the garage when it's full.
* Recycle your technology items such as computers, monitors, fax machines and printers at Staples stores and donate items you don't need-from clothes to furniture-to local organizations.
* Save shredded paper for packing material. This gives it a second life and saves you money on packing supplies.
* When you make an office purchase, look for products of high quality that will last, rather than products that you will need to discard and replace. Marrero really appreciates OXO Good Grips office products (available at Staples or for just this reason-they are designed well and weighted to feel solid and durable in your hand.

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