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See an expert to maintain good circulation

See an expert to maintain good circulation

(NewsUSA) - If you are an average adult, you have enough blood vessels, arteries, veins and associated capillaries in your body to circle the earth four times. Placed end-to-end, these vessels stretch to almost 100,000 miles. Your remarkable circulatory (vascular) system is vital to keeping your body healthy and active. The blood flowing through it provides oxygen and nutrients your entire body needs.
With age, your vascular system may become blocked with cholesterol and plaque, and your blood flow may become impaired. In severe cases, the loss of blood flow may contribute to stroke, aneurysm and peripheral arterial disease, which may cause pain while walking or limb-threatening foot ulcers. Common sense about eating a healthy diet, exercising and not smoking all contribute to feeling good and keeping your vascular system healthy.
Like any health condition, if you experience problems with your vascular system, it makes sense to see the most qualified specialist to manage your symptoms. While most vascular conditions do not require surgery, you will receive the most expert and comprehensive care if you see a vascular surgeon. Most often, vascular surgeons manage conditions with medication. Some conditions can be corrected with non-invasive procedures that offer good results and quick recovery. Only in the most severe cases is open surgery required.
Today's vascular surgeons are the only specialists who are skilled in all vascular therapies. They are comprehensively trained in medicinal, endovascular (minimally invasive) and surgical therapies. Vascular surgeons are the experts who provide the best diagnosis and treatment for vascular conditions.
Pay close attention to your circulation, and if you experience problems, see your primary care physician. If your doctor diagnoses a vascular condition, ask them to refer you to a vascular surgeon.
To learn more about your vascular health and to find a vascular surgeon, visit the Society for Vascular Surgery's Web site at

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