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How technology helps you hear better

How technology helps you hear better

(NAPSI)-A new generation of hearing instruments is using advanced technology to help those with hearing difficulties reconnect with their friends and family and feel a part of today's "plugged in" society. These modern devices offer a solution to the most common challenges, like watching TV or talking on the phone.
Technology's Answer
For example, a new Bluetooth-compatible hearing aid uses the same cutting-edge wireless technology as a hands-free cell phone. These virtually invisible hearing aids let users get a phone call, watch TV or listen to their iPod directly through their hearing aids. The device also offers better sound quality. Voices sound more natural and background noises remain audible, so you can keep in touch with your surroundings.
"This new device creates a personal wireless network around you," explains Doctor of Audiology John Cariola. "And unlike other wireless hearing instruments, this product doesn't require you to wear necklace-style devices around your neck. A remote control lets you independently adjust volume and sound quality."
How It Works
The most compelling part of the new technology, offered in the Beltone True, may be its wireless capabilities. Through a direct wireless connection to TV, stereo or computers, users can listen "privately" through their hearing instruments at the volume they prefer. Others in the room are free to enjoy at a volume comfortable for them. The instrument can also link wirelessly to a Bluetooth-enabled cell phone, allowing for calls to be heard directly and hands-free. Frustrating side effects such as ringing or feedback in the ears are now almost completely nonexistent. In addition, the new device is ultratiny and light as a feather, while its state-of-the-art design and blended coloring make it almost undetectable.
Award-Winning Design
The breakthrough hearing aid has received rave reviews within the industry, recently winning the prestigious Innovations Design and Engineering Award from the Consumer Electronics Association for its extraordinary design and capabilities. That's good news for the more than 34 million Americans who are experiencing hearing loss. If someone you know has difficulty hearing, you may care to learn more at

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