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How to get help overcoming a health challenge

How to get help overcoming a health challenge

(NAPS)-The next time you or someone you care about gets sick, you may find comfort from a surprising source-your computer. That's because patients and their caregivers can now set up a website to keep family and friends informed about progress and any help needed and to receive information and good wishes.
It's designed for one purpose-to help families facing a significant health challenge communicate quickly, privately and efficiently online. Each day, over half a million people connect through the more than 222,000 personal sites that have been created.
The sites are uncluttered and free of advertising. To view a site, you must know the specific and unique site name. This helps restrict access to family and friends who have been given that name. Site authors can choose to add additional layers of privacy and security, including requiring all visitors to register before they can view the site and requiring a password.
To meet the changing needs of those who use the site, recent service enhancements include a mobile website, a free iPhone app, the ability to be notified via text when a journal is updated and Facebook Connect so authors can easily notify their Facebook friends when they have a new journal entry to share.
It's done through a nonprofit organization called CaringBridge, so access is free. You can make it as private as you like, design it to suit your taste and add health updates and photos whenever you like. Setting up is a simple process that takes just a few minutes.
You can learn more or create a site for yourself or a loved one at

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