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Homeowners Prefer Whole-Home Air Cleaners

Homeowners Prefer Whole-Home Air Cleaners

(NUE)-Millions of people buy portable air cleaners to improve their health, remove harmful particles from the air and maintain a clean home. But consumer research shows that portable air cleaners also have some drawbacks.
Some people complain that the air cleaners make too much noise. Others say the units are unsightly, expensive to maintain and take up too much space.
An alternative for those who want to have clean air in every room of the house is a whole-home air cleaner that attaches to the heating and cooling system and is installed by a professional contractor. A whole-home air cleaner reduces all airborne contaminants such as dust, pollen and bacteria. Recent reports show that these irritants, not germs, may be responsible for chronic colds.
A recent study sponsored by Aprilaire revealed that homeowners prefer a whole-home air cleaner versus a portable air cleaner when comparing performance, installation and maintenance factors and overall cost.
For instance, the Aprilaire whole-home air cleaner costs around $400 for the first year and about $40 thereafter. The initial price includes the unit, filter and professional installation. The equipment is located in the utility room, where it does not detract from the home's aesthetic appeal. Typically, a whole-home air cleaner requires maintenance just once a year.
Conversely, in the first year alone, a homeowner with four portable units serving about 500 square feet apiece would spend nearly $2,500 for the cleaners, filters and electricity. Plus, the units are placed throughout the house and distract from a room's decor. Portable air cleaners also have to be cleaned regularly and their filters need to be changed four times a year.
In terms of energy costs, people who choose portable units can expect to pay up to $220 in annual costs.
To learn more about the benefits of whole-home air cleaners and to determine which air cleaner is best for your home, visit

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