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Participate in the Call 2 Recycle Rechargeable Battery Program in September

Participate in the Call 2 Recycle Rechargeable Battery Program in September
By Washington County Recycling Coordinator Tony Drury

Have you ever wondered where the world would be without batteries? Batteries operate everything from automobiles to flashlights to toys to hearing aids to... well, you get the idea. Batteries are integrated into almost everything we do on a daily basis. Most often we do not think about batteries until they stop working, which is usually at a very inconvenient moment. At times like this, we normally purchase more batteries or recharge them if they have that capability. At some point, all batteries stop working and proper disposal can be an issue. Fortunately, if it is a rechargeable battery, I have a solution. By recycling the old rechargeable battery, it can be transformed into something useful again instead of rotting away in a landfill. This is important because rechargeable batteries, when improperly disposed of, may leak heavy metals into the soil contaminating nearby waterways and streams.
Let me introduce myself. I am Tony Drury, the Recycling Coordinator for Washington County, Maryland and I am very honored to have the opportunity to partner with Volunteer Washington County (VWC) to help celebrate Governor O'Malley's Day of Service on September 29, 2012.
Governor O'Malley has declared this day as an Interfaith Day of Service, with a priority on ending childhood hunger and protecting the environment. In response to Governor O'Malley's call "to harness the incredible power of community," during the entire month of September, VWC and Washington County Government have partnered to sponsor a Rechargeable Battery Recycling Program. __During the month of September, all rechargeable batteries as well as battery packs from cell phones, cameras, laptops and power tools will be accepted at seven convenient sites throughout the County. Rechargeable battery collections sites include the following:
1) Volunteer Washington County's office located in the Red Cross building on Conrad Court, 2) Washington County Administration office located at 100 West Washington Street, 3) Forty West Landfill, 4) Greensburg Convenience Center, 5) Hancock Convenience Center, 6) Dargan Convenience Center, and 7) Kaetzel Convenience Center.
Only during the month of September will the drop off sites of West Washington Street and Conrad Court be available - so take advantage of these convenient locations now. After September, the other five locations within the County's Solid Waste Department will continue to recycle rechargeable batteries.
Examples of rechargeable batteries could include the following items: cordless drill, cordless phone, laptop computer, cell phone, toys, and more. These items can be recycled and turned into new batteries and stainless steel products. Battery acid is also recycled by converting it to sodium sulfate for laundry detergent, glass, and textile manufacturing. It also keeps these hazardous materials out of our landfills.
Please take note of the following: old lead-acid type batteries (auto, scooter, wheelchair, etc.) will ONLY be accepted at the Forty West Landfill and the four other Washington County Solid Waste Convenience Centers.

If you have other batteries that are dead, but are not rechargeable, please contact me at 240-313-2796 or I can provide guidance on how to properly dispose of these and other recyclable items.
To help the environment, please consider purchasing rechargeable batteries, as they can be used up to 1,000 times more than the single use batteries. You will also save gas by not running to the store so often!

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