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Recycling carts to be delivered; Recyclebank rewards coming!

Recycling carts to be delivered; Recyclebank rewards coming!

Hagerstown, MD: It's getting easier and even rewarding to recycle in the city of Hagerstown. New recycling carts will begin to arrive this week and residents will have the opportunity to start earning discounts and deals just by recycling! This is truly a community effort: when people recycle more, everyone is rewarded more!
Unless they declined a container, each residence will be receiving a recycling container between April 11-28. Each cart has wheels and a hinged lid, making it easier to roll the materials out curbside each week. Recycling in the city of Hagerstown is now single-stream - meaning paper, plastic, and metal can all be placed in the container together. Each of the carts will have a label on the lid to show what can and cannot be recycled. Residents will also find more information in a bag that's attached to the tote when it's delivered. The carts are for recyclables only; any trash, yard waste or material in non-see-thru bags will not be collected.
Once residents have their new cart, they can register for Recyclebank, the program that rewards you for recycling! Each resident who participates in the program will earn a number of points based on the tonnage of recyclables collected city-wide each week. Points can be redeemed for gift certificates or coupons at both national and local businesses. Participants will earn 300 points automatically for registering, and those points can be redeemed beginning April 23rd with the program's roll-out.
Residents may keep their current City-issued recycling bins or they can opt to have them recycled. Residents who no longer want the blue and green bins should set them out curbside and the City will take them that week. Bins taken by the City will be recycled.
If citizens have questions or problems with the containers, call the Hagerstown Recycles Hotline at 301-739-8577 ext. 106.

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