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Residential Cooking Oil Recycling Program at Forty West Landfill

Residential Cooking Oil Recycling Program at Forty West Landfill

Hagerstown, MD (March 5, 2012) - The Washington County Forty West Landfill now accepts used and unused cooking oils from County residents for recycling. No commercial oils will be accepted from restaurants, cafeterias, or other similar businesses.
Cooking oils may be brought to the Forty West Landfill recycling area during normal facility hours, and placed into the designated tank adjacent to the recycle lot attendant building. Security is important so please see the attendant for access to the cooking oil recycling tank.
Program Guidelines: Any type of liquid vegetable oil may be accepted for recycling such as peanut, corn, canola, olive, and safflower. Please remember that animal fats and grease will not be accepted.
Please make sure the cooking oil is not mixed with other fluids such as water, petroleum products, or soaps. Place the cooking oils into a metal or plastic container with a tight fitting lid, but do not fill the container while the oil is still hot as this could cause the container to crack or split.
Other substances such as motor or lubrication oils are not accepted by this program. Tanks for recycling of petroleum based oils and grease are provided separately within the recycling area.
Helping the Local Environment: Used cooking oil is recycled into several valuable commodities including biofuels and animal feeds.
As a reminder, please do not pour used cooking oils into drains or sanitary sewers. Approximately 50% of all sanitary sewer overflow events are caused by used cooking oils, fats, and grease clogging the sanitary sewer system.
Thank you for your participation in our program. To learn more about recycling in Washington County visit,

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