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Washington County Phone Book Recycling Contest deemed a success

L-R: Tony Drury, Washington County Recycling Coordinator, Erin Blickenstaff, Teacher at Hancock Elementary School, Casey Douglas, student winner from Hancock Elementary School, and Contest Founder and Sponsor Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service.

Washington County Phone Book Recycling Contest deemed a success

Hagerstown, MD (November 10, 2011) - America Recycles Day, recognized annually on November 15th, celebrates the successes of recycling while providing an educational platform that helps raise awareness about the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling - every day - all throughout the year.
Washington County Recycling Coordinator Tony Drury organized a successful recycling event this past spring. In conjunction with Earth Day, the third Annual Washington County Phone Book Recycling Contest was held.
Challenge Details
School-aged children were given approximately one week to collect phone books and submit them to their school. Thirteen Washington County Public Schools participated in this year's event. Participating schools collected a total of 9,717 phone books. Six of the participating schools won sponsor-provided cash and gift cards for their efforts with Hancock Elementary school winning first place. Hancock Elementary collected an average of 8.46 phone books per student with a total of 2,133 books.
Challenge Results
The efforts helped save 62 trees, 233 gallons of oil, 153 gallons of gas, and 11 cubic yards of landfill space.
The phone book contest was sponsored by local businesses with the cooperation of the Washington County Government. This contest was made possible by sponsors Tom Grosh of Grosh's Lawn Service, Julie Kruger of phone directories, and Jennifer Carley of the Washington County Teachers Federal Credit Union.
Call to Action for 2012
Washington County is calling for more schools to participate in upcoming contest in 2012.
"With America Recycles Day coming up, it is important to celebrate the success we had with the phonebook contest, but we also want to start planning for 2012's event - and make it even more successful," said Drury. "We are calling for more schools to participate and more local sponsors to help raise the awareness of this important cause."
Interested schools and sponsors may contact Tony Drury at 240-313-2796 to learn more about the contest planned for 2012.

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