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Take a green step forward

Take a green step forward

(NAPS)-Small changes in household habits can make a big difference to the environment and you don't have to sacrifice value or quality.
That's just as well, since according to a Mintel survey, more than half of consumers would buy more green products-if they didn't cost so much.
To help you go green, Caryn Bailey of Rockin' Mama, a blog centered on motherhood and all things green, offers these simple tips for taking a green step with confidence:
* Green your clean: Consider the environmental effect of your cleaning products. Opt for nontoxic, biodegradable cleaners. You can harness the natural cleansers in lemons, baking soda and vinegar to clean your home and avoid spending more on manufactured cleaning products.
* Plant a tree-or a whole garden: Planting a tree can be a wonderful way to support a healthy future for the planet. Trees not only provide oxygen, they filter pollution, act as homes for wildlife, help recycle water and provide shade, shelter and countless other necessities for life.
* Precycle: Avoid or eliminate waste by bringing your own shopping bag to the grocery store. Try to shop in bulk and repurpose items such as old coffee cans and egg cartons for storage and organization.
* Green your laundry: Run a full load so you don't waste water or detergent. Look for biodegradable, phosphate-free detergent made from plant- and vegetable- based ingredients and wash in cold water as much as possible. When you can, line-dry clothes to conserve energy and get a naturally clean smell.
* Seek eco-friendly products: Look for those that use minimal or eco-friendly packaging, and try paper products made with a blend of recycled and virgin fibers. These products combine the green benefits of recycled fiber with the quality you want. If every household in America substituted their paper products with recycled fiber products for four weeks, over 2 million trees could be saved!
* Test-drive "hybrid" products: An easy, fun way to take a green step is to visit the site Scott to enter for a chance to win a hybrid sedan. Like a test-drive, trying Scott Naturals products for four weeks is a low-risk way to take an easy green step and help save 2 million trees.
For more details and official sweepstakes rules, visit or call (888) 525-8388.

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