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Solar power makes sense for wallet and planet

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Solar power makes sense for wallet and planet

(NAPS)-Here's a bright idea: Save money on your power bill by letting the sun supply some of the electricity for your home, and avoid the high upfront costs for solar panels.
Here's why and how:
Why Go Solar
* Save Money-When you upgrade your home to solar, you can lower monthly electricity bills and protect yourself from unpredictable utility rate changes.
* Minimal Upfront Payment-New solar energy options reduce upfront payments to as little as $0.
* Make a Wise Investment-The expected long-term return on home solar may be greater than what you'd earn on a comparable investment in stocks or a CD savings account.
* Increase Your Home's Value-A home solar power system can increase your home's resale price.
* Help the Environment by Helping Your Wallet-Using solar power reduces the amount of greenhouse gas and other pollutants in the atmosphere while saving families thousands on electricity bills.
* Gain Energy Independence-Installing solar panels gives you choice and control, protecting you from utility rate increases.
How to Go Solar
More families can now take advantage of free solar consultations and residential solar financing options. The most popular home solar companies make it possible for families to avoid high upfront payments. These com_panies own, maintain and insure the homeowners' panels and let homeowners pay a low rate for clean power. You can join the thousands of Americans who already get affordable solar in this way. Plus, you'll lock in your _electricity rate for the next 20 years. There'll be no surprise rate increases.
There are also no hassles; SunRun is the leading provider of this service and takes care of the system for you.
As SunRun customer Jim White put it: "We don't have to worry about our panels at all. We cut our electric bill in half this year and got a big return on our investment and SunRun takes care of everything. What's not to like?"
If you've ever been frustrated by utility rate hikes and uncontrollable bills, you may want to evaluate solar for your home.
Free Solar Consultation
Get a free consultation and more information at You can also find SunRun at and call (855) 4-SUNRUN.

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