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Smart choices for a greener home

Smart choices for a greener home

(NAPS)-Why settle for celebrating Earth Day once a year? The choices you make when building, remodeling or repairing your home can help protect your wallet, your home and the planet every day of the year.
Here are a few environmentally smart choices for your home:
* Need new flooring? Consider using environmentally sensitive building materials for your flooring. Elegant bamboo, forgiving cork and practical linoleum floorings are a few eco-friendly alternatives.
* Look for the label. When buying new appliances, look for the Energy Star label. These energy-efficient products can save you money.
* Improve your view. Energy-efficient windows not only help seal in heat that might otherwise be lost; they are easier to clean and help freshen a home's exterior.
* Save water. Put a rain barrel in your garden. Collecting rain means you can water the garden without adding to your water bill.
* Start at the top. Opt for roofing materials and products that are eco friendly. It makes environmental sense to look for durable, high-quality materials that will last and are at least partially made from recycled or recyclable materials. Investing in a long-lasting roof can be the easiest and least expensive way to be environmentally friendly. For example, all of GAF's laminated shingle products, including the popular Timberline shingle, carry a lifetime limited warranty that is even transferable to a second owner. That means less shingles being torn off and shipped to landfills. The shingles are also manufactured using Advanced Protection technology, resulting in a lighter but more powerful shingle that uses fewer natural resources.
To really make an impact and potentially reduce a significant amount of energy use, use a highly reflective shingle, such as the Timberline Cool Series, which reflects sunlight to help reduce attic heat buildup and save energy. Further reduce energy use by improving attic ventilation. An attic vent allows unwanted heat and moisture to escape from your attic-which helps to reduce energy costs.
Vents such as the company's Cobra attic exhaust reduce the load on your AC by moving superheated air out of your attic before it builds up and causes damage. To be even more eco friendly and further reduce energy costs, opt for MasterFlow Green Machine attic and ridge vents.
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