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Before painting, pause to consider the paws

Before painting, pause to consider the paws

(NAPS)-Painting, inarguably, is the most economic home makeover. And for any pet-populated household where the roller and brush are being readied to hit the walls, you may want to take pause for the paws and make sure the paint being used is a smart choice for your pet as well as for all of your family.
Going green-eco friendly-in your selection can help ensure the safest solution. When it comes to paint, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are no-nos. VOCs are groups of chemicals often found in conventional paints and other building and decorating materials. Exposure to them can pose health risks.
So a zero-VOC interior paint, like Benjamin Moore's Natura, can be an ideal choice, especially since it remains at zero VOC even with the addition of the colorants needed to tint it the deepest, most saturated of hues.
The paint also enjoys a checklist of other advantages. It is virtually odorless, dries fast, has excellent adhesion and provides a durable finish.
What's more, while Natura is sustainable "green," the color green is just but one of more than 3,300 color choices available, plus it can be custom color matched to personal specifications.
It has a durable, washable and fade-resistant finish that will look freshly painted year after year.
The millions of Americans who open their hearts and homes to pets-America's pet dog population is estimated to be at about 77.5 million, and the cat count at more than 80 million-may find it reassuring to know there are ways to make their living space a safer and more colorful environment.
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