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4 Easy Steps to Greener Documents

4 Easy Steps to Greener Documents

(NewsUSA)- Sustainability for today's small- to medium-sized businesses means more than just changing the light bulbs or carpooling. There are opportunities to reduce your total carbon footprint everywhere you look. Whether you are a student, a small business owner or a busy executive, here's how you can extend your commitment to sustainability through printing:
- Check your proofs on-screen and online. Dramatically reduce the need for wasteful re-printing by detecting errors before the print job is executed. A University of Delaware publication indicated that 25 percent of all paper used each semester winds up in the recycling bin. That's nearly 600,000 sheets of paper per year from one university. Taking a test print first, means throwing away one copy rather than the whole job if there's a mistake.
- Find and support eco-friendly vendors. Vendor choice in the printing business was usually based on quality, speed or price. Now, other factors including finding a vendor who shares your commitment to sustainability are equally important.
- Print as close to you as you can. Blackberries, smart phones and wireless laptops give business people the freedom of mobility. But what about printing on the go? Let your fingers do the walking, go online and find the print shop closest to where your documents need to be. This eliminates the need for shipping, which can have a far more significant environmental impact than you may consider.
- Print only what you need. By storing and sharing documents online, busy executives can review a PowerPoint, or collaborate with a home office on a proposal, without having to print and ship hard copies.
These tips are brought to you by Nader Alaghband, CEO of Earthtone, a choice-rich online printing solution that gives businesses and consumers the ability to find and use green printers, based not only on their location and services, but on their environmental accreditations as well. Users can now locate and support those print providers who meet their preferred level of "green" responsibility.

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