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Holiday Parties on a Budget, at Home and at the Office

Holiday Parties on a Budget, at Home and at the Office

San Francisco, December 9th, 2008: Shaken by the credit crunch and soaring costs of living, people and business alike are looking for new sources of income and ways to save money. Zilok provides both. The platform allows you to make money by renting the things you own to other people, who in turn will save money. From strollers, electronics and tools to meeting rooms and projectors, there are definite bargains to be had during the holidays for families and businesses.
Holiday Saving Tips for Families
For your holiday travels, whatever you can't pack in your suitcase you can rent at your destination. Strollers, baby car seats and cribs can be rented all over the USA on Zilok, for a fraction of the purchasing price.
If you are hosting chances are you will need extra tables and chairs, beds, portable heaters... before you go out to buy something new, look on Zilok as a neighbor may have listed theirs for rent!
If you decide to take the party on the road, you can find RVs, vacation rentals, kayaks, skis and even buggies for rent at bargain prices on the online rental marketplace.
Finally, if you're not too excited about your presents, think twice before selling them on eBay or Craigslist: renting may get you more value out of them. A Zilok user has made more than $1,000 out of a single SLR digital camera!
Holiday Office Party: Cut the Costs, Not the Fun
In the doom and gloom of the current economy, it's hard for business managers to get their eyes off the balance sheet to sign checks for the upcoming holiday party. Amy Muller, CCO at Get Satisfaction, a San Francisco based startup providing a new kind of Customer Service, agrees: "We wanted to throw a holiday party for friends and colleagues without breaking the bank so we kept it really simple. Next time, though, we'll use Zilok to source gear and equipment to enhance our party while still saving money."
Beating the Recession, one Rental at a Time
Zilok's mission is to support and promote peer-to-peer renting as a new, sustainable and community-driven way of consuming. There is so much stuff we have and barely use, so much stuff gathering dust in our closets while neighbors are going to buy the same things new. Zilok is the place where you can connect with people around and rent your drill, your Prada purse, your baby car seat, your camping gear, your lawnmower, your digital camera, your pressure washer, just about anything.
You'll make some extra money in the process. He or she will save money. And the environment is winning too, because useless packaging, transportation and natural resources won't have to be wasted while perpetuating the accumulation of unused goods in our households.
About Zilok went live in November 2007 in the United States, France and Belgium, and in Spring 2008 in the Netherlands and in the UK. US offices are based in San Francisco, CA. was awarded Site of the Week and selected in the Top 100 2008 Websites by PC Magazine, was elected the best European Startup by the audience of the Plugg Startup Rally 2008, and won the Startup 2.0 Challenge. Zilok is a member of the American Rental Association.

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