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Bethel Intersection Temporary Closure

Bethel Intersection Temporary Closure

Beginning at 7:00am on Monday, October 27, 2008, work crews from the City's Water & Sewer Department will be installing new sanitary sewer and water lines at the intersection of Jonathan Street and Bethel Street. The excavation required to perform this work will force the closure of the intersection; eastbound traffic on Bethel Street will not be able to cross over Jonathan Street.
The City is taking the following steps to accommodate local traffic in this area (see also the attached sketch):
Bethel Street west of Jonathan Street: the City will remove the bollards from the alley just to the west of Jonathan Street (behind the Bethel Gardens residential units), and will patch the pavement in the alley to allow local traffic to travel one-way north to North Avenue.
Bethel Street east of Jonathan Street: the City will temporarily make Bethel Street open to local two-way traffic between Jonathan Street and the alley that is 150 feet east of Henry Avenue. On-street parking will be removed from the north side of Bethel Street in this area to accommodate the new traffic pattern.
The 200 Block of Jonathan Street (between Church Street and Bethel Street) will remain closed to all traffic until further notice.
It is anticipated that the Jonathan Street/Bethel Street intersection will be closed for approximately two to three weeks from the start of this work.
Emergency vehicles will not be able to pass through the 200 Block of Jonathan Street or the Jonathan Street/Bethel Street intersection while this work is being performed.
Please contact the City's Department of Engineering and Code Administration at 301-739-8577 extension 125 if there are any questions regarding this advisory.

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