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Residents Relive the Past

Residents Relive the Past

Recently, nine independent and assisted living residents from Ravenwood Lutheran Village and the Village at Robinwood traveled to the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum Udvar Hazey Center in Dulles, VA. Harold (Butch) Butcher, a retired Navy pilot, was one of the residents who went. Butcher told how his bother allowed him to sit in his lap during a flight in a barnstormer's "Jenny" bi-plane. Since this first ride in a barnstormer's "Jenny", at the age of nine years old, Butcher has loved to fly. During world war two, Butcher became an enlisted pilot. At the museum, he pointed to a bright yellow bi-plane and said, "Read me the tail number on that plane." After the number was read to him, he beamed, "That was the first plane I soloed in!" He then began to recount the different aerobatic maneuvers that he enjoyed doing in the Stearman "katydid". While he was approaching a Grumman "Hellcat", he recounted how he tried to bail out of one of those aircraft when it began to vibrate uncontrollably, but the canopy would not open. He fortunately was able to land the badly damaged plane safely. Walking underneath a F4U "Corsair", he recalled, "That plane scared the hell out of me the first time I flew it. It had so much power, and it had a tendency to drop the left wing." Throughout the day, Bucher recounted many stories of his 37 years in Naval Aviation.
Shirley Young also enjoyed the experience of seeing in person several of the aircraft and spacecraft that she had experiences with. During her career as a legal assistant working with the Vice President of IBM, she had a hand in supplying the technology that would make modern aircraft fly. She recounted that she did some of the behind the scenes work in providing the space shuttle project with state of the art computer systems.
These are just two of the amazing people with amazing stories who live at The Village at Robinwood, and Ravenwood Lutheran Village.

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