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Walking in a Soldier's Shoes

Walking in a Soldier's Shoes

(NewsUSA)- Feet support 120 percent of each person's body weight with every step. No wonder many Americans consider foot pain a normal part of everyday life. Recently, 53 percent of the people surveyed by the American Podiatric Medical Association reported daily foot pain so severe it interfered with daily life.
The U.S. military does not allow foot pain to interrupt its operations. And yet, between long marches and on-base routines, soldiers put some major wear and tear on their heels and arches. Soldiers must walk through wet, sub-zero, hot, arid, uneven, rough and slippery terrains.
Civilians who spend hours on their feet, hike for recreation or who work outdoors can stand to learn a thing or two about footcare from the U.S. military. Here are some tips for Americans looking to walk like foot soldiers:
- Consider Your Boots. The U.S. military supplies different boots to different units, yet traveling civilians will wear the same sneakers in New York City and Arizona.
Danner (, a leading developer of work and outdoor footwear, supplies boots specifically for the military and other professionals who rely on high performance footwear. Servicemembers understand how critical foot comfort and support is out in the field. All military boots fully protect the foot and support the ankle, helping to ease pressure and avoid foot pain. From hiking to construction, civilians hoping to protect their feet couldn't do better than to step into a soldier's shoes.
- Maintain Your Feet. U.S. military members care for and check their feet daily. Likewise, civilians should make footcare part of their everyday routine. After showering, civilians should thoroughly moisturize, then dry, their feet before putting on socks or shoes. Dry feet are healthy feet, so choose a pair that wick away moisture, such as Danner socks made from merino wool.
- Don't Ignore Foot Pain. Every soldier knows that his or her feet are too important to ignore. Civilians should forget soldiering through foot pain - foot pain is never normal. Any chronic or abnormal foot problems warrant a trip to a dermatologist or podiatrist for treatment.

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