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The Easiest Way to Save on Gas? Drive Electric

The Easiest Way to Save on Gas? Drive Electric

(NewsUSA)- What's the best way to save money on gas? Stop buying gas and use electric cars.
According to a new AAA survey, gas prices are becoming a chief concern for consumers. But for Americans with long commutes, walking and biking between work, home and children's soccer games might not be a viable option.
Electric cars - the ones that run without gasoline engines - are no longer science fiction.
One electric car maker, Zap, has put affordable electric cars and trucks on the market. Zap vehicles use rechargeable batteries and plug into standard outlets. All you do is plug it in like a cell phone.
These vehicles are even becoming a viable option for dealerships to stimulate sales in a down economy. Zap cars provide a gas-free way to get to work, pick up the kids and run errands. They also make an economical addition to your business or government fleet.
Zap city cars and trucks might cost around $11,000, while electronic scooters sell for as little as $3,000. Along with their low initial cost, electric cars also save drivers money on the roads. You can even qualify for 100 percent financing on these vehicles.
As gas prices climb, more Americans are spending over $60.00 just to fill their vehicles' fuel tanks. Recharging an electric car costs around 60 cents.
According to the California Air Resources Board, a person driving an electric car for 30 miles each day can save 750 gallons of gas - and around $2,500 - each year.
Electric vehicles have no tailpipe exhaust. They don't emit greenhouses gases. Even after factoring in the pollution from electric power plants, electric cars still cause 90 percent less pollution than gasoline-powered cars.
State and federal governments understand electric cars' value. Many offer financial incentives for people purchasing electric cars.
Electric cars can include a solar option that helps save even more. Solar panels can extend your range if parked on a sunny day and can double the life of the battery before it needs replacing. Plus, nothing makes an environmental statement like a solar-charged electric car.
Zap dealerships are being set up across the U.S. To find one or to register to test drive a Zap, call 800-251-4555 or visit

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