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Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives! Volunteer...A Very Important Word

Building Homes! Rebuilding Lives!
Volunteer . . . A Very Important Word

In almost all modern societies, the most basic of all values is people helping people and, in the process, helping themselves. These people helping people are called "volunteers".
Volunteerism is the willingness of people to work on behalf of others without the expectation of pay or other tangible gain. Volunteering helps build more cohesive communities, fosters greater trust between citizens, and develops norms of solidarity and reciprocity, which are essential to stable communities.
Volunteerism is the heart of Habitat for Humanity. Without them Habitat would not exist. Habitat has two groups of volunteers. First there is that skills-based group. Skills-based volunteerism is a term used to describe volunteering where the volunteers use their professional skills. Then there is the second group with no knowledge of construction. They just want to help. So they come out and volunteer to help wherever they are needed. Working with the skills-based group they soon learn and become a major part of the Habitat team. They are men, women, and youths (16 years or older) developing new skills and making an important mark in improving our communities.
Habitat can never have too many volunteers. Some can only give a few hours a week, so there is always a need. Also, there are many areas where Habitat needs volunteers for non-construction activities. You may possess skills in planning, public relations, operating office equipment, fund-raising, or many other areas where you could help out. There is a strong need right now for liaisons to the faith community, volunteers to help on the fundraising and special events committee, volunteers with trucks to pick up donations for our Re-Store, and still more volunteers to be family partners and guide families through the process of becoming home owners. If you have the desire to volunteer, Habitat can find a place for you.
Working together in fellowship to help others in their community is what Habitat for Humanity of Washington County is all about. It provides decent, affordable housing to families in need in Washington County. Habitat is not a give-a-way program. Partner families must pay back a no-profit, no-interest mortgage to Habitat with low monthly payments, and must contribute 500-hours of "sweat equity" working side-by-side with volunteers and staff. In addition to building homes, Habitat trains families in skills to be successful, self-sufficient homeowners.
Hey! There's a place for everyone! Moms, dads, sons, daughters, boy-friends, girl-friends, sisters, brothers, and even grand-parents can volunteer! Volunteer on your own, or get them all together and make it a family project to help build a home for some family in Washington County. Washington County
has many families living in inadequate, substandard or unaffordable housing. As a nonprofit, equal opportunity, ecumenical Christian housing ministry, Habitat is dedicated to building decent, affordable housing with low-income families. Habitat invites people of all backgrounds, races and religions to build houses together in partnership with families in need. Habitat is not only building homes, it is rebuilding lives! And this can only be accomplished through its volunteers!
Yes "volunteer" is a very important word! Won't you please consider becoming one of those volunteers?
Remember, Habitat homes are build by volunteers working in many areas. Everyone doesn't have to be able to drive a nail! Share your willingness to help by volunteering with Habitat. Call 301-791-9009 to volunteer today!

William L. Bulla is a freelance writer residing in Washington County.

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