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Herbs of Hager's Thyme: How Herbs Were Used in the 18th Century

Herbs of Hager's Thyme:
How Herbs Were Used in the 18th Century

(Hagerstown, MD) May 19, 2008- Have a headache? Well, how about taking a Tansy pill? Got a toothache? Try chewing on some Sage. A cough? Swallow some oil of Thyme. Need to study for a big test? Put some Rosemary in your hair! The staff of the Jonathan Hager House and Museum invite you to come learn about the historical uses of some everyday herbs as we take a walk through the herb gardens surrounding the Hager House on Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 7pm.
Aside from the medicinal uses you might expect, our 18th century ancestors would use herbs to help with some unusual things as well. According to John Bryan, Historic Sites Facilitator, "Herbs were not only used as medicine, but also as remedies for some things that we might consider a bit off the wall. For example, during the Middle Ages people believed that the Fennel herb was an antidote to witchcraft and that Thyme was effective in relieving hangovers. Visitors to the Hager House and Museum often ask, What is that plant? This program will be a wonderful opportunity for visitors of all ages the find out." (please see photo attached)
"In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in the use of herbal medications. Its interesting to go back and look at how herbs were used historically and how superstition played a much larger role than science in the medicines of the past," says Jennifer Kram, Recreation Assistant.
This free program will begin at 7pm in the herb garden immediately to the left of the Jonathan Hager House. For further information about Herbs of Hager's Thyme or any of the upcoming programs and events at the City of Hagerstown's Historic Sites, please contact 301-739-8393 or email us at

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