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Life by Design: Productivity Tips

Life by Design
Productivity Tips

My "To Do" list is out of hand. If I never added another thing I don't think I could possibly get it all done - even if I lived past 100. I don't know how to handle all this stuff that I have to do. I want to be productive but I just feel overwhelmed.
Personal productivity - getting things done - is a hot topic. As a culture, we are obsessed with getting things done. Just look at all the time management systems and our "need" to go faster to get it all done.
What are you thinking about most of the day? Your To Do List!
And what are you waiting for before doing all those wonderfully dreamy things you long for in your life? To get your To Do List done.
You can be more productive by taking your focus off just doing things and putting your focus on a strategic plan as to what, where, when, why and how to do things.
Here are two of my favorite Productivity Tips
The Power of Place
I'm a firm believer in the power of conscious environmental design. Set up the right environment - in the right way - and it pulls you into productivity.
Anticipate what you will need in a space then put it there and keep it there. Design your environments to make it easy to focus on the task at hand.
For example, put everything in your office that you need to work the way you like. Don't fumble around for anything. Have your organization suite YOU. Have no environmental bumps - like looking for pens or searching for file folders - get in your way - let it be sheer "zoom, zoom".
This little forethought enables you to carry through to completion without delays, distractions, or unnecessary running around.
Be Creative and Act on a whim
Nothing kills productivity like being bored and uninspired and doing what you don't want to do when you don't want to do it.
Ever notice that when you really want to do something how amazingly easy and effortless it seems? How quickly you get it done and how great it turns out.
As a culture we are obsessed with getting things done partly because we have lost our connection with knowing what we really want. Instead of being guided by what we really want to do, we keep whipping ourselves into doing what we have to do or what we should be doing.
If you are not doing what you want to do in life you might as well forget about productivity because there is no way you are going to be truly productive. You might churn out a lot of things, cross off task after task on your to do list but you will not have the experience of "... causing or bringing about" something. True productivity is grounded in a fertile, fruitful, and prolific relationship with "what you really want in life".

Mary Ann Copson, founder of Evenstar Mood & Energy Wellness Center for Women, is Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients better manage their moods and energy.; 434-263-4996.

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