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Life by Design: Taking Care of Yourself While Making Transitions

Life by Design
Taking Care of Yourself While Making Transitions

(CENTER)I am going through a big transition in my life. Standing on the cusp of seeing my dream become reality is becoming kind of scary...Inside, I feel excited...and also stressed...
I am so concerned about everyone else's reactions toward this dream and all the change that may come with this dream coming true...Why now, in the midst of all this "good stuff", am I having a hard time?
Is there any thing I can do that will help me move forward with peace and love in my heart..."(END)
Letting go of an old part of your life can be chaotic. While you are transitioning from one stage of life to another, it is important to create some order around yourself so you don't get swept away by all the changes.
The aim is to keep moving through the transition and not get stuck. Allow the completion of your old life to move through you and pass onto the next level - either things and people will move out of your life or will transform as they move into your new life - it is scary but also exciting.
Here are some recommendations.
Deliberately take time each day to journal, meditate, breathe, and reflect.
New insights will be coming up all the time and taking time to reflect on your transformation will help you keep pace with the changes you are experiencing.
Just to sit and do nothing.
This gives you the space to connect with your newly emerging life.
Tie up loose ends.
Bring to completion nagging incompletions that you would rather not think about but which won't go away - like telling your friend - whom you don't speak to any more - that you are sorry your friendship has ended but you realize it is time to move on. Make a list and take some action to bring them to a close.
Get rid of tolerations.
Tolerations are things that you say are OK - you will put up with them - but really they just drain the energy out of you.
It is important to get rid of all the petty and big annoyances in your life. By getting rid of these annoyances you create forward momentum which will replace resistance and fear with energy and excitement for change. By getting rid of the tolerations, it is much easier to go after the bigger goals and aspirations in your life.
Don't underestimate the power of eliminating annoyances in your life.
Write down all the things you are putting up with. Most people have 50-100 or more. Nothing is too small or insignificant to be a toleration. Write down everything - especially the things that you think you can not change.
Once your tolerations are on paper then start getting rid of them. Start with the easiest things first and build momentum and creativity while you reduce resistance. Soon you will notice an increase in energy, balance, and inner peace.

Mary Ann Copson, founder of Evenstar Mood & Energy Wellness Center for Women, is Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients better manage their moods and energy.; 434-263-4996.

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